Vlog Soundtrack Play Alongs

$ 15.00

When I first got a computer and was able to chop up samples and beats this became the main focus of my practice routine for the longest time. I would take short 4-bar sections of songs, make them into a loop and jam along with them for hours. I would find stuff without bass so I could create bass lines and I would of course work on my improvisation by jamming along over the top of a track that had bass in it. 

So with all the new musical content I'm creating every day as the soundtrack to my daily  Youtube vlog, I thought it would make the perfect collection of jam tracks to help give you inspiration when you sit down with your instrument to practice. 

I've mixed them with and without the bass so you have two practice options. Play the roll of a bass player or a soloist. And it doesn't matter which instrument you play! These are perfect for any soloist who's bored of playing over the changes to "Have you met miss jones" for the 1000th time...

With these tracks you get to be super creative and build you own bass lines, melodies and improvisations. 

Note: This is NOT a physical product, no matter whether you enter shipping information due to paypal's user interface or not, there is no physical product to ship. All files are contained in a single zip file which you will need to download to a computer and then sync with your mobile device.