All The Good Stuff - How I Practice Audiobook and Ebook only - No Video

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In this power-packed follow-up to "You're a Musician. Now What?", Janek shares the secrets of the carefully crafted practice regimen that enables him to get the most out of his instrument, his hands, and his ears. Filled with hard-earned tips on getting focused, prioritizing, staying inspired, building vocabulary, making the material your own, pacing, rejuvenating basic ideas, and finding solutions to musical problems—and illustrated with over 25 musical templates to get you started—How to Practice is guaranteed to change the way you practice and help you reach your highest goals.

This combined Audio Book and Ebook includes 120 tracks of audio including the entire book read by Janek, all the exercises played by Janek in different tempos just as he uses them in his practice routine, and extra bonus archive audio of Janek's practice sessions using the exact same musical examples this book highlights.  

All sheet music is included in Bass Clef, bass tab, treble clef, and guitar tab!

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