Last Minute World Tour Live: Vol 3 - Ambient Collection

$ 12.00

The Last Minute World Tour took place throughout 2017, and included over 30 live concerts. From theatres and concert halls, to private houses and intimate clubs, this was one of the most intimate and personal tours of my career. Each night was made possible by all the "Coffee Drinkers" out there, and the support of incredible fans and patrons of the music. I recorded every performance of the tour, and my favorite moments are what I now present to you. 

Track Listing:

1. Ambient #1 - Madrid, Spain

2. Ambient #2 - Madrid, Spain

3. Ambient #3 - Istanbul, Turkey

4. Ambient #4 - Brussels, Belgium

5. American Elm Remix - Brno, Czech Republic

6. Sadie's Song - Glasgow, UK

Running Time: 39 Minutes

Be sure to check out the SoundCloud preview below, which will give you a glimpse of what is included across this three album set.

This download includes both MP3 and High Quality AIFF versions of the album.