Jazz Vocabulary for Electric Bass: ii-V-I - eBook and Video Package

$ 39.00

This is a digital product (eBook and Video), no physical book will ship to you. Make sure you download the files to a laptop or desktop and then sync with your mobile device. The majority of mobile devices do not support the downloading and unzipping of .zip files. 

Jazz Vocabulary for Electric Bass: ii-V-I  is the first definitive book of its kind: explaining, exploring, and creating jazz harmony and improvisation from the perspective of a world-renowned bassist. The book begins at the heart of basic vocabulary in the jazz idiom, building a concrete foundation of confidence in “making the changes,” before guiding through every step of the process to more fresh and complex interpretations of the altered scale, unexpected tonal centers, and innovative chord structure.

This book will strengthen your technique, refine and train your ear, and make informed and creative jazz vocabulary attainable in your playing. Get better at jazz—for real this time.