Chordal Harmony Volume 2 - eBook and Video Package

$ 35.00

This is a digital product (eBook and Video), no physical book will ship to you. Make sure you download the files to a laptop or desktop and then sync with your mobile device. The majority of mobile devices do not support the downloading and unzipping of .zip files. 

Chordal Harmony: Volume 2 is the long-awaited sequel to world-renowned bassist Janek Gwizdala’s most popular book to date. Matching the original Chordal Harmony’s innovative approach, rigorous and thoughtful exercises, and attention to detail, Volume 2 will take you far, far deeper into the new and challenging world of chords on bass. Travel through Janek’s in-depth processes for finding the most creative voicings, creating effective chord melodies, sparking and building upon new compositional devices, and even his best techniques for live performances and effective looping.

Includes 40 brand-new exercises in standard notation andTAB, with over 2 hours of video instruction for 4-string, and both 5-string low-B and high-C tunings.