You're a Musician. Now What? (Ebook)

$ 25.00

In this rule breaking and game-changing book by Janek Gwizdala, bassist, producer, recording artist, and founder of, you'll discover: 

  • How to get over the terrifying thought of self promotion
  • The main keys to motivation while learning a new skill set
  • How to build a website from scratch with no previous training
  • How to connect with your fans and maintain an engaged audience
  • The do's and don't os social media
  • The 5 main reasons you should be blogging
  • How to maintain productivity
  • How you can use this book as a starting point for your own innovations in the music business

Note: This is NOT a physical product, no matter whether you enter shipping information due to paypal's user interface or not, there is no physical product to ship. All files are contained in a single zip file which you will need to download to a computer and then sync with your mobile device.