12 Week Michael Brecker Transcription audio course - Includes Sheet music

$ 15.00

This was by far the most comprehensive transcription course we've ever made at VideoBassLessons dot TV, and is probably the most rewarding in terms of the massive amount of vocabulary to be learned from taking it. Not only does it feature a 7 chorus solo by Michael Brecker on an up tempo Bb blues live bootleg, but the end of the course is packed full of bonus transcriptions essential to my education as a musician and improvisor. Check out the video below which features an excerpt from me finally being able to play the solo up to speed with the recording!

Note: This is NOT a physical product, no matter whether you enter shipping information due to paypal's user interface or not, there is no physical product to ship. All files are contained in a single zip file which you will need to download to a computer and then sync with your mobile device.