"10 mins a day" Practice routine audio course

$ 15.00

 Imagine being able to change and improve your playing in just ten minutes a day! Well that is exactly what this audio course is designed to help you do. You only have to commit two hours over 12 days to start seeing noticeable differences in your ability as a musician. And everyone has 10mins a day right...? 

Based around exercises from "All the good stuff" and including sheet music for all musical examples, "10 mins a day" will help you streamline your practice routine and bring consistency to the way you play and the way you learn. 

Note: This is NOT a physical product, no matter whether you enter shipping information due to paypal's user interface or not, there is no physical product to ship. All files are contained in a single zip file which you will need to download to a computer and then sync with your mobile device.